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Press release issued
by the Socrates Nomination Committee

International Conference ‘Excellence in Quality’ has become an annual joint effort of Europe Business Assembly (UK), Academic Union Oxford (UK), European Medical Association (Belgium), Swiss Institute of Quality Standards (Switzerland). The conference was held in Lucerne on 3 July 2017 and gathered together more than 200 regional business, professional and academic elite representatives from 58 countries. Acclaimed Swiss and international professionals shared and learnt from each other for business improvement and positive social transformation.

The forum was dedicated to ‘From Quality to Excellence – Models of Excellence’. The main focus was kept on the role models of excellence in 4 sectors: city management, corporate,healthcare / medical travel and education management. The discussion was concentrated on quality philosophy and top trends, strategies and quality management practices from the leadership and competitiveness perspective. Key participants representedhigh-profile executives and seniors, business excellence leaders, top experts on quality and strategic management, leading healthcare services’ providers, city managers, University rectors, chancellors and educational management. Switzerland as a country host of the forum has been specially chosen as Swiss quality finds worldwide recognition for the highest standards, excellence, reliability, solid business and financial reputation.

The agenda of the forum consisted of the Official Opening and welcome addresses from Prof. John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, MONSPACE Multinational Corporation from Malaysia, the Official Partner of the Conference, and from VIP Forum Partners: CHC HOTELS – Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A, Greece; ORB Corporate SDN BHD, Malaysia; Port Autonome de Dakar, Senegal; PT Taspen (Persero), Indonesia; Tarabya British Schools, Turkey; University of Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Acclaimed experts and professors introduced the advanced learning courses for business processes & quality improvement and expert sessions by Oxford Business Expert Centre.

The Business Working Session was moderated by Michael Derrer, Director General of Ascent Swiss Business Management AG (Switzerland) and Director of the Swiss Institute of Quality Standards (SIQS).Key-note presentations highlighted all aspects of quality as the key driver of the social change, a global business trend and an effective tool of reputation management and customer loyalty. Lead regional companies provided case studies and presentations of the national and global brands bespoke for quality management.

Life quality characteristics from the quality of labour organization, production quality to quality standards in education, healthcare, cultural tendencies, infrastructure and ecological safety are inclusive to the territory investment attractiveness profile. The business working session also hosted dedicated presentations of the city municipalities recognized as the investment attractive and tourism favourable regions:

-Kaunas District Municipality
-Midvaal Municipality
-Municipality of Knjaževac
-Municipality of KoceljevaMunicipality of Ludbreg
-Municipality of Zhelino
-The Municipality of Elbasan

‘Excellence in Quality’ Award Ceremony came as a climax of the forum, honouring regional leaders in the quality sphere.At the Award Ceremony Europe Business Assembly was proud to present Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation as a leading Technology, Software Development industry provider. Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation was awarded with the Best Enterprise Award for the strong position in the national market and in international ratings, successful implementation of modern management technologies, high staff qualification and efficient marketing strategy.

Mr. Salvador Jr. III Silva, President and CEO of Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation, was honoured as the Manager of the Year.

The Best Enterprise Award project was established in 2000 to present leading regional companies to European business pools. Award nominees are carefully selected by the international expert council.

Europe Business Assembly heartily greets Mr. Salvador Jr. III Silva with the highest results of the professional activities and hopes for further successful development and rapid growth of the Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation in the future.

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